This blog is written by two brothers: David and Amitai Sasson. Two people who have been a part of online commerce for over 10 years. As our conversations grew more and more enticing we decided to put our ideas and visions into writing.

David SassonDavid Sasson is the co-founder and president of overstockArt.com. He is responsible for all aspects of growing overstockArt.com and establishing its dominance in the online wall d├ęcor market. Since founding overstockArt.com in 2002, Sasson has grown the company from its modest start to an international organization with offices located in three countries. In his spare time David love to read, write and give presentations about business, management and the roll of the modern day CEO.

Amitai SassonAmitai Sasson is the Online Marketing Director at overstockArt.com. With a Masters Degree in Computer Science and an MBA from Tel Aviv University, he has a unique perspective on the explosion of data mining capabilities and the e-commerce realm.

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