Embracing Innovative Ideas with David Sasson Founder of overstockArt.com & ArtistBe.com

Today we have David Sasson who founded overstockArt.com and Artistbe.com. Since founding overstockArt.com in 2002, David has grown the company from its modest start to an international organization with offices located in two countries. They sell hand-painted reproductions of famous paintings and have sold millions of oil paintings from its inception.

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Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll learn:
[1:30] Jeremy introduces his guest, David Sasson.
[2:30] Why does David’s company create hand-painted reproductions?
[7:30] Surprising best selling paintings.
[9:30] What does David do to drive online marketing?
[12:00] David talks about why his email strategy works so well.
[14:00] What is David’s view of business growth?
[18:00] David talks about what it takes for a business to be more profitable.
[22:00] Why hiring the best people can make all the difference.
[24:00] David talks about leveraging innovation in his business.
[28:00] The differences between US and Israeli cultures.
[31:00] What was growing up in Israel like?
[37:30] David talks about the different offices and departments in his business.
[41:30] Challenging moments in business for David.
[47:00] David talks about losing over $40,000.
[50:30] Why it’s important to resist the urge to react quickly to bad situations in business.
[52:30] David shares some proud moments in business.

David Sasson to Speak at All Payment Expo

David Sasson, CEO of overstockArt.com took part in the All Payments Expo Event last week.

David spoke in the panel discussion of how to delight your eCommerce customer, a topic that he has entrenched in the culture of his own company, overstockArt.com who has received awards and accolades in its unique approach to customer satisfaction.

“At overstockArt.com we know that having a happy customer is the most important facet of our business. We differentiate ourselves from our competition by over-delivering and delighting customers everyday”, said Sasson.

Our CEO, David Sasson, at the All Payments Expo last week. He was on the panel, Delight Your Ecommerce Customer. Yes, he knows a thing or two about that!

Posted by overstockart.com on Tuesday, March 29, 2016

David developed a customer-focused program called “Wall Art Happiness” to ensure continuous improvement and the longevity of the customer-focused culture of the organization. David shared his vision and success at the All Payment Expo conference in New Orleans, sparked conversations among other retailers and entrepreneurs and hopefully, helped retailers get a better understanding how they can implement this same philosophy in their organizations.

Gearing Up For Success towards the Holiday Shopping Season 2015

David Sasson to Present at Ignite 2015

On September 16th 2015 300 eCommerce professionals met at Union Station in Downtown Dallas for the inaugural Ignite conference, a special event for eCommerce entrepreneurs.

The event was put together by Practical Ecommerce, an online publication for all things eCommerce. Speaking at the event in multiple sessions was our very own David Sasson. David participated in 3 sessions:

1. The Best Customer Service for Ecommerce Merchants
2. Crucial Steps for Record-breaking 2015 Holiday Sales
3. Great Ideas to Implement Now, from the Trenches

The following is a recording of David’s Presentation from Ignite – Crucial Steps for Record-breaking 2015 Holiday Sales:

David and I had a great time at Ignite. it was fabulous to network with all the other entrepreneurs in the conference and listen to great ideas and share impressions among eCommerce professionals across industries.

See you next year at Ignite 2016!

ArtistBe.com Artist Community Launches Newly Redesigned, Responsive Mobile-Friendly Website

Artist Become (ArtistBe.com), the revolutionary online community for creating, selling and buying artworks online, today announced the completion of its fully responsive redesign. The redesign allows artists and art lovers to browser, view and buy art on any device including mobile phones.

ArtistBe.com to boast a new Mobile-friendly responsive design!ArtistBe.com is an online platform providing tools and resources to enable emerging and established artists to showcase and sell their artwork. The online community focuses solely on original art and its growing amount of artist members. ArtistBe.com was created by overstockArt.com, the go-to source on the web for purchasing art reproduction oil paintings.

Since the fully responsive site rolled out, sales made via smartphones on the ArtistBe.com website have increased 125% compared to the same period last year. Across all devices, conversion on the new sites is up 50% compared the same period last year.

“We’re committed to continually upgrading our technology so that our artists stay ahead of the curve and our customers enjoy a fun and engaging art shopping experience,” said VP of Marketing & Development Amitai Sasson. “Our goal is that site visitors will enjoy ArtistBe.com no matter which device they are on.”
“This redesign delivers best-in-class mobile e-commerce technology. As importantly, we consulted with ArtistBe.com’s customers and artists to find their paint points when using the system. As a result, the design of the site rivals any e-commerce website in any retail category.”

In addition to the sophisticated look and feel, the new ArtistBe.com website features significant functionality improvements, including:

  • Fully responsive design for optimal shopping on any device
  • Enhanced product presentation, including the ability to zoom into the art.
  • New HTML5 frame studio offering 45 different frame choices.
  • The ability for shoppers to share their favorite works of art using multiple Social Media options including Facebook, Pinterest, Houzz, Twitter and WhatsApp
  • Enhanced artist management tools
  • New currated categories to showcase great new art
  • Faster load times via improved algorithms and data structures.

“With this recent move to an optimized and responsive system, ArtistBe.com is set to accommodate the ever-expanding amount of member artists and art lovers that are taking part in this unique artist community,” stated David Sasson, overstockArt.com’s president and CEO.

ArtistBe.com provides a unique means for emerging artist to be discovered, and to assist established professionals in finding new clients without relying on agents. There is no cost to join and members can sell their art without commission fees. Artists receive royalties for every canvas reproduction sold.
Reproductions come in a variety of sizes; pricing of originals is dictated solely by the individual artists.

“Our commitment to art and the art world started with overstockArt.com,” said Sasson. “Now we want to branch out and give art lovers around the world a chance to find the next great artists of our generation. ArtistBe.com gives artists the ultimate platform to become recognized for their work and to make a living out of their creations.”

Art is not an easy thing to sell, let alone online, but ArtistBe.com will have the unique ability to leverage itself with its parent company, overstockArt.com. Sasson stated, “This relationship allows ArtistBe.com to introduce and promote its member artists to overstockArt.com’s network of thousands of art lovers, which will help them grow awareness and ultimately sales.”

ArtistBe.com’s founding members come from around the globe, with notable artists such as Justyna Kopania from Warsaw, Poland, Pol Ledent from Brussels, Belgium and Helena Wierzbicki from Buenos Aires, Argentina to name a few.

Applying the Thoery of Constraints to an eCommerce Operation

Theory of Constraint is a “Lean Manufacturing” methodology that has been around since the early 80’s, however it is wrongfully considered to be relevant to manufacturing organizations only. David Sasson, CEO of overstockArt.com who discovered TOC about five years ago has adopted the methodologies that are discussed in TOC to an eCommerce operation.

The result has been tremendous, an increase in throughput and a profitable organization.

Theory of Constraints, for ecommerce companiesDavid, started writing about how he has adopted the Theory of Constraint to an eCommerce organization on Practical eCommerce, a widely popular online journal for eCommerce professionals.

The initial response has been tremendous, it seems that eCommerce managers and entrepreneurs are thirsty for methodologies to help them capitalize on the opportunities laid in front of them. David illustrates in a very simple and clear manner how organizations can revolutionize their internal processes and become profitable by doing more with what they already have, without any additional investments or cost cutting.

If you feel like your eCommerce operation can deliver more with what you have (you are probably right) then you should consider applying TOC methodologies, if you have questions, then don’t hesitate to ask. This subject has become a passion for us!