Embracing Innovative Ideas with David Sasson Founder of overstockArt.com & ArtistBe.com

Today we have David Sasson who founded overstockArt.com and Artistbe.com. Since founding overstockArt.com in 2002, David has grown the company from its modest start to an international organization with offices located in two countries. They sell hand-painted reproductions of famous paintings and have sold millions of oil paintings from its inception.

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Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll learn:
[1:30] Jeremy introduces his guest, David Sasson.
[2:30] Why does David’s company create hand-painted reproductions?
[7:30] Surprising best selling paintings.
[9:30] What does David do to drive online marketing?
[12:00] David talks about why his email strategy works so well.
[14:00] What is David’s view of business growth?
[18:00] David talks about what it takes for a business to be more profitable.
[22:00] Why hiring the best people can make all the difference.
[24:00] David talks about leveraging innovation in his business.
[28:00] The differences between US and Israeli cultures.
[31:00] What was growing up in Israel like?
[37:30] David talks about the different offices and departments in his business.
[41:30] Challenging moments in business for David.
[47:00] David talks about losing over $40,000.
[50:30] Why it’s important to resist the urge to react quickly to bad situations in business.
[52:30] David shares some proud moments in business.

overstockArt.com Featured in Exclusive Interview with Entrepreneur Podcast Network: Business Excellence and Customer Engagement

overstockArt.com Featured in Exclusive Interview with Entrepreneur Podcast NetworkoverstockArt.com, a leading online distributor of high-quality wall art, announces its featured profile on the Entrepreneur Podcast Network. This exclusive interview between Eric Dye, Host and Executive Producer of the broadcast, and David Sasson, President and CEO of overstockArt.com, will be an in-depth conversation about e-commerce, business innovation and customer loyalty. The recorded broadcast will also provide listeners with extensive information about the background and success of overstockArt.com, complemented by Sasson’s interest in the union between technology and a more interactive – and exciting – shopping experience.

Sasson has considerable expertise in this field, having been a speaker at the annual Mobile Marketing & Commerce Forum, alongside executives from companies such as Buy.com, Dell, Dunkin’ Donuts, Etsy, HSN, InterContinental Hotels Group, Orbitz, Macy’s, PayPal, Rue La La, Sears, ShopNBC.com, Taco Bell, Walgreens and Wine.com, among others. His insight, which also enjoys praise from the editors of Internet Retailer, includes ways to apply new technologies to engage consumers and fuel their passion for art.

“As a global brand that enhances the shopping experience and provides people with a diverse selection of decorative art, I welcome this opportunity to discuss issues at the forefront of commerce and customer loyalty. This broadcast with the Entrepreneur Podcast Network is a showcase of our credibility and international recognition as pure-play retailer that are facing the challenges of building a brand” said Sasson.

2010 Holiday Sales Interview

The holiday selling season is important for many online merchants. David joins Practical eCommerce’s Kerry Murdock to discuss what worked – and what didn’t work – for overstockArt this past holiday season.

Listen to the full interview: [podcast]http://site.overstockart.com/press-room/mp3/holiday-sales-2010.mp3[/podcast]

David on Mixergy.com – Focus Helps Turn the Corner

Imagine having a mix of experienced businesspeople mentoring you. That’s the mission of Mixergy.com.

Checkout David Sasson’s Interview with Andrew Warner from Mixergy.com about establishing overstockArt.com and turning the corner when things were tough.

David Sasson was exhausted from holding down a full-time job while running overstockArt, his online store for discount artwork. Then, in 2009, the bad economy hit his company hard and it was in trouble and he wasn’t sure he could pay his employees. That’s when he did something unexpected.

Instead of closing shop, he quit his job and focused on his business full time. What he did turned his business around completely and turned a disastrous year into one of his company’s best. What did he do? The details are in this interview.

I wanted the thank Andrew for the interview, it is always so much fun talking about your business, after all, this is what I am passionate about. I hope that this interview helps any young entrepreneur starting a business and I wish Andrew continued success with Mixergy.com.

David Sasson podcast on practical ecommerce

You could argue that a center of the online, retail art world is in Kansas. That’s where overstockArt.com is located, and in nine years it has grown to be a leading, online retailer of original art reproductions. The founder and CEO, David Sasson, has grown the business from inception to where it is today, and he’s with us to discuss it all. He joins Practical eCommerce’s Kerry Murdock.

Listen to the full podcast: [podcast]http://sassoncollection.com/wp-content/uploads/2010/08/david-sasson-practicle-ecommerce.mp3[/podcast]