The Money Machine

Earlier this week I visited a friend of mine who is a commercial printer. With all of the new advancements in technology you might imagine that the life of a commercial printer are not simple these days. However, standing there and watching the giant printer spitting out, what seemed like, thousands of catalogs per minute I kept thinking that a business is like a big commercial printer. We have our inputs (paper) then the inputs pass through the machine and the output comes out the other side.

The Money Machine

Usually in business, we refer to our output as what we ship out, our finished goods or services. But in this exercise, I like to think of output as cash or money. The purpose of a business, any business is not to generate work but to generate cash.
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The Greatness of Shared Vision

Chalutzim - pioneers of the sate of Israel - example if shared visionThis is an article about a shared vision, and how having a common goal that is greater then each individual and greater then just making money can create alignment and outstanding performance.

A few weeks ago I was reading old articles form my home town newspaper. At this point I should mention that I am from a small Kibbutz in Israel called Ein Shemer which was founded in 1927 by a group of 54 young pioneers who came from Poland. The articles were as old as the 1930s and all the way to the 1970s. Reading these articles made me think of what these young people who settled in the early years were sacrificing and why were they doing it.
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