My 2012 Black Friday Experience

My experience at Target on Black Friday. What can we, as eCommerce merchants, learn and adapt to our preparation to the Holiday shopping rush.As online retailers we do not get to see our customers in action. So every year I visit a few stores on Black Friday to observe customer behavior on this crucial day. This year I chose to visit Target and since they opened at 9:00PM on Thanksgiving day it was easy for me to be there when the doors opened.
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Five Tips to Prepare E-Retailers for the 2012 Holiday Season

Five Tips to Prepare E-Retailers for the 2012 Holiday SeasonWith e-retail becoming an increasingly competitive field this is not the time to do business as usual. As you put together your strategic holiday business plan be sure to take complete advantage of the latest consumer behaviors and trends. Having an online presence that’s ready to handle both changing consumer habits and expectations is necessary not just to keep ahead of the competition, but to stay in business.

At we have successfully used consumer behavior and trend research to adapt our business to better meet our customer’s needs. This proactive approach has provided us with competitive advantages in the field and allowed us to continue to grow aggressively and profitably.
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Eleven Tips to Prepare for the 2011 Holiday Season

Some of the tips here were first revealed in Retail Online Integration Magazine. Originally we came up with 11 tips and although we consolidated the tips to 10 in the Magazine we decided it would be nice to leave it as 11 tips on the Sasson Collection Blog As 11 Tips for the 2011 Holiday Shopping Season.

GET READY FOR THE HOLIDAYS!The holiday season is the best time of year for almost all retailers and e-commerce retailers specifically need to gear up in order to make sure they capitalize on the Season of Joy! In many cases retailers make the majority of their profits during these months and if a retailer is unprepared this may mean a sub-par season leading to a bad year that might bring on the demise of the company.
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Tips to Get Ready for the Holiday Season

Kerry Murdock with Practical eCommerce was interested in including a few ecommerce merchant tips from us in his article on holiday preparations to help out merchants looking towards the holiday.

The following are a few paragraphs discussing what I would suggest for other merchants for the holidays:

  • Make sure all of your website improvement projects are scheduled and are targeted to end in September so that you have plenty of time to test and launch the projects to your e-commerce website in early October at the latest. Avoid launching new projects in November or December
  • Plan for inventory availability. Either make sure vendors are committing to hold stock for you, or provide solid inventory forecasting plans to vendors so that you don’t run out of the best selling products. In cases of long lead time you should already have product on order to satisfy forecast demand. Take seasonality into account. In many industries holiday buying differs from the rest of the year.
  • Make sure you have an escalation plan for marketing. Like any aspect of your business all marketing and advertising aspects need to be planed in advance. Traffic to your site is much more likely to make a purchase in November December then it is in any other part of the year.
  • Operationally, make sure that your facility is ready for the increase in inventory coming in so that you are able to manage it. And make sure that you have the personal and the systems ready to handle the increase in volume. Shipping on time during the busiest days is very crucial as customers expect to get their gifts on time.
  • Plan for the increase in phone orders and customer service questions. You can’t just hire additional reps in November and expect them to be knowledgeable in your business. Allow time for proper training.