David on Mixergy.com – Focus Helps Turn the Corner

Imagine having a mix of experienced businesspeople mentoring you. That’s the mission of Mixergy.com.

Checkout David Sasson’s Interview with Andrew Warner from Mixergy.com about establishing overstockArt.com and turning the corner when things were tough.

David Sasson was exhausted from holding down a full-time job while running overstockArt, his online store for discount artwork. Then, in 2009, the bad economy hit his company hard and it was in trouble and he wasn’t sure he could pay his employees. That’s when he did something unexpected.

Instead of closing shop, he quit his job and focused on his business full time. What he did turned his business around completely and turned a disastrous year into one of his company’s best. What did he do? The details are in this interview.

I wanted the thank Andrew for the interview, it is always so much fun talking about your business, after all, this is what I am passionate about. I hope that this interview helps any young entrepreneur starting a business and I wish Andrew continued success with Mixergy.com.

David Speaks to Youth Entrepreneurs Kansas

overstockArt.com CEO Offers Expertise and Advice in New Video to be Featured in 2010-2011 YEK Program for High School Students in Kansas and Missouri

is proud supporter of Youth Entrepreneurs Kansas (YEK). overstockArt.com founder and CEO, David Sasson, filmed interview for use in video that will be shown in the 2010-2011 class that teaches Kansas and Missouri high school students how to be entrepreneurs.

The YEK class, which starts in August, is taught in 26 schools in Kansas and three in Independence, Mo. nearly 1,000 students complete the class each year. The YEK curriculum works to stimulate economic thinking skills, encourage intelligent risk-taking, provide practical business expertise and instill independence and personal responsibility. YEK interviews local entrepreneurs on a variety of related topics as a part of its curriculum and shares the business leaders’ stories and insights with its classes in a series of videos used throughout the year.

“Our program relies heavily on the generous donation of time and talents from the local business community,” said Kylie Stupka, YEK executive director. “We were happy to work with David and to have the opportunity to share his knowledge with our classes. When we heard David’s story, we knew he would be a perfect interview subject.”

Sasson, an experienced entrepreneur, founded overstockArt.com in 2002 with a $5,000 loan from a local Wichita Bank. In the past eight years, he has grown the company from its modest start to an international organization with offices located in three countries.

“I was excited to have this opportunity to support YEK and to be a part in the education of local youth who could very well be the business leaders of tomorrow,” said Sasson.

Sasson’s interview concentrated on the topic of competitive advantage. “This was a topic I felt especially comfortable discussing,” said Sasson. “overstockArt.com has a competitive advantage in our industry and as such has become the go-to source on the web for purchasing art reproduction oil paintings.”

Although there is no specific time the classes will use the video featuring David, it will likely be shown during the first nine weeks of class in conjunction with competitive advantage lessons.