Announcing ‘Hand Painted Ecommerce’ – A New Column by David Sasson

David Sasson, CEO and Founder of, has recently started writing his very own column on the popular online outlet, Practical Ecommerce. The column is called ‘Hand Painted Ecommerce’, titled appropriately after David’s own business product line,’s unique hand painted art collection.

“The column is a collection of articles I will write each month about ideas in eCommerce and how we, at, have put these ideas in place and learned from our experiences” said Sasson. “I am excited to start writing about my passion for Online Retail and I hope Practical Ecommerce readers will find the ideas and concepts beneficial.”

Announcing ‘Hand Painted eCommerce’ – A New Column by David Sasson on  Practical Ecommerce " title="Announcing ‘Hand Painted eCommerce’ – A New Column by David Sasson on  Practical EcommerceFor Sasson’s first article, he chose to focus on the coming Holiday Season. “This is the most important time of year for most Online Retailers, and so it is best to focus on the short-term gains of the holiday then anything else. Therefore, for my first column I choose to give retailers on the brink of holiday season a list of simple action items they can implement in their organizations. They don’t have to try them all, but these are ideas and methodologies that we, at, have put to the test and have succeeded with in the past.”

Sasson covers in the article titled, Preparing for the holidays, a wide range of retail known pet peeves: Inventory Management, Fulfillment, Website Preparation, Marketing Initiatives, Company Culture and more. Sasson gives advice on each and offers ideas on how to mitigate Holiday driven crises that might rise due to the projected increase in demand.

Sasson says that for his next articles he will focus more on long-term strategies in addition to useful tools every online retail CEO should have in his arsenal.